[Dovecot] Pop3 migration (was Status of commercial support?)

Francisco Reyes lists at stringsutils.com
Fri Dec 1 00:48:46 UTC 2006

Odhiambo WASHINGTON writes:

> | Courier 4 POP migration to dovecot. 
> This should be very easy, I think.
> Once you know the uidl format used by Courier 4 POP.

The migration is Courier 4 to Dovecot using Maildir format.
I used some scripts I found on the net and adapted them. I got everything to 
come over (ie imap subscriptions), except POP3 UIDs.

My Courier POP3-uid files look like:
/2 19 1164413643
<message file name>,S=28985:2,S 29648 10:1164413643
<message file name>,S=5913:2,S 6042 11:1164413643
<message file name>,S=5121:2, 5236 12:1164413643
<message file name>,S=5257:2, 5373 13:1164413643
<message file name>,S=5106:2, 5215 14:1164413643
<message file name>,S=5618:2, 5745 15:1164413643
<message file name>,S=30619:2, 31353 16:1164413643
<message file name>,S=34785:2, 35609 17:1164413643
<message file name>,S=6695:2, 6852 18:1164413643

My pop3_uidl_format is

pop3_uidl_format = %08Xu%08Xv

Looking at what Dovecot generates on a brand new pop account the files look 
1 1164413643 29
10 <message file name>
11 <message file name>
12 <message file name>
13 <message file name>
... and more with the same format...

So I write an AWK script which  creates the proper first line and gets for 
each line the message ID and message file name.

Yet after I do the conversion and run a pop3 client against the 
migrated pop account, old mails are re-downloaded.    

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