[Dovecot] 1.0 alpha3 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Sep 23 16:50:11 EEST 2005

I'm a bit too busy nowadays because of school so I haven't had time to
look at everyone's bug reports and some other mails. They're still
marked as unread in my mailbox, so hopefully I'll get to them soon. And
I don't mind you resend them if I don't answer in a few weeks :)


 - Fixed maildir syncing errors about wrong UIDs
 - Maildir was re-read all the time, even if we knew nothing had changed
 - SSL/TLS connections used to have extra ~0.2s latencies because kernel
was waiting for more data before sending it (at least with Linux). Fixed
it by corking/uncorking before/after sending. I don't think the socket
latencies are this bad normally though, I should probably look more into
it if we're setting some socket flags badly (or does it happen
specifically because we were using corking for the socket before SSL and
kernel increased the timeouts because it thinks we're going to be using
 - Marking index file corrupted caused its recreation to still use old
transaction log file, which usually caused the index to get corrupted
 - Added --build-options parameter to dovecot binary (by Andrey Panin)
 - Parse obs-phrase correctly in mail address parser (by Chris Wakelin)

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