[Dovecot] "dovecot virgin": 1st questions ...

OpenMacNews OpenMacNews at speakeasy.net
Sun Jul 17 05:09:15 EEST 2005

hi all,

"uncle"! i've thrown up my hands with cyrus, and am looking for a 'better 
alternative' ...

i'm brand new to dovecot (haven't even built it yet ...), and have spent the 
last while reading through the LIST archives here.

apart from the TECHNICAL aspects, which seem _more_ than adequate/competitive, 
i'm most attracted by a comment abt this LIST/community:

    > awesome technical support with patient developer-dudes on hand

which, in a nutshell, is what i seem to be missing.

so, i'm preparing to "take the plunge" w/ dovecot.

two preliminary questions, if i might:

(1) what sort of *interest* is there here (Timo? others?) in Dovecot on OSX? 
i'm usually able to get most anything up-n-runnig on my OSX boxes, but i'd like 
to join a community where every issue-on-Mac is not simply ignored/slammed ... 
and there might be folks willing to work with me on issues

(2) here-we-go-again with the Maildir/Mbox decision :-)

what's the latest thinking/recommendation here wrt mailbox/mdir? my specifics 
are -- i intend to backend Dovecot with Exim ... and will run my server 'closed 
box' ... i.e., no file-system-related User accounts.  rather, just 'virtual' 

i'm leaning towards Maildir's one-flat-file-per-message format, with an 
eventual/possible move to storage in PostgreSQL if/when Dovecot adds the 
capability ...

thoughts? (yes, i know, y'all must've had the discussion a g'zillion times ... 
a pointer to a good/relevant thread is great too!)



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