[Dovecot] Questions regarding quota

Stian Jordet liste+dovecot at jordet.net
Sat Dec 31 02:31:44 EET 2005


I have some trouble trying to test the quota plugin.

First off all, it says in the wiki: "Dovecot 1.0 supports quota using a
quota plugin. It's currently discussed in Dovecot LDA page and it
supports only very simple quota calculation which is suitable only for
mboxes. Maildir++ quota support will come later."

Does that mean that it won't work at all with Maildir++, or just that
it's slow?

Second; there are two plugins? One in src/plugins/quota and one ine
src/plugins/imap-quota. What's the difference? Is one for imap-quota and
the other for fs-quota? (I would love that!)

But third and most importantly; I can't get it too work. I'm using CVS
from tonight (which fixed the missing symbol bug). But neither when I'm
using static userdb nor LDAP as explained in the wiki I can't get it to

I'm not really sure of the getquota syntax, but whatever I try, I get:

a OK No quota.

So please, enlighten me! :)

Best regards,

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