[Dovecot] can't switch off login debuggin

Sebastian Bauer lists at sb3w.com
Sat Dec 31 01:26:53 EET 2005

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Hi there,

I tried the change from cyrus to dovecot. This was just some days ago
and I'm really happy. Just a little problem. For testing I switched on
some login debugging. Now I can't switch it off. Dovecot seems to ignore
the "no" in the config file.

auth_verbose = no
auth_debug = no

That is what I get in maillog:

dovecot-auth: pam_sm_authenticate called.
dovecot-auth: dbuser changed.
dovecot-auth: dbpasswd changed.
dovecot-auth: host changed.
dovecot-auth: database changed.
dovecot-auth: table changed.
dovecot-auth: usercolumn changed.
dovecot-auth: passwdcolumn changed.
dovecot-auth: crypt changed.
dovecot-auth: logtable changed.
dovecot-auth: logmsgcolumn changed.
dovecot-auth: logusercolumn changed.
dovecot-auth: loghostcolumn changed.
dovecot-auth: logpidcolumn changed.
dovecot-auth: logtimecolumn changed.
dovecot-auth: db_connect  called.
dovecot-auth: returning 0 .
dovecot-auth: db_checkpasswd called.
dovecot-auth: pam_mysql: where clause =
dovecot-auth: SELECT password FROM accountuser WHERE username='XXXX'
dovecot-auth: sqlLog called.
dovecot-auth: insert into log (msg, user, host, pid, time) values('AUTH
SUCCESSFUL', 'XXXX', '', '14813'
, NOW())
dovecot-auth: Returning 0
dovecot-auth: returning 0 .
dovecot-auth: returning 0.
dovecot-auth: pam_mysql: setcred called but not implemented.
dovecot-auth: pam_mysql: acct_mgmt called but not implemented. Dont
panic though :)

I use dovecot-0.99.11-2.EL4.1 on CentOS.

Hope someone can help me to stop these messages.

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