[Dovecot] suggestion on crash analysis

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Dec 25 14:25:51 EET 2005

On 22.12.2005, at 21:02, Jeff A. Earickson wrote:

> Another idea...  I know there is the rawlog feature, but I don't
> want to turn it on for everybody, since asserts are very rare now.
> Any chance some kind of memory buffer for recent user actions could
> be kept in memory, then dumped to a file in the person's homedir
> if an assert occurs?

> This would answer the two unknown questions: 1) What was the user
> doing?, 2) What was the state of the file he was doing it to?

Hmm. I think I could do that as a plugin, but I'm not sure how useful 
it would be. The commands might tell why the mailbox got into such a 
state that corruption occurred, but might as well not..
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