[Dovecot] FETCH FLAGS in response to SORT and SEARCH commands

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Dec 25 13:15:44 EET 2005

On 23.12.2005, at 02:43, Michael Doppler wrote:

> I am getting IMAP FETCH FLAGS in response to SORT and SEARCH commands 
> for my INBOX. See the following transcript between dovecot (marked 
> with S:) and an imap client (marked with C:) for an example SEARCH 
> command.

At the end of each IMAP command Dovecot checks if there have been 
external changes to mailbox (eg. by another IMAP client). If flags have 
changed, the flag changes are sent to client. This is how IMAP 
specification defines it should work.

> Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail seem to be able to cope with this, 
> but squirrelmail chokes when it receives those flags.

Strange. UW-IMAP at least does the same thing, and I'd have thought 
Cyrus also does it, so this shouldn't be a Dovecot-specific problem.. 
It's definitely a Squirrelmail bug anyway.

Looks like you're using Squirrelmail at the same time you have another 
IMAP client open since you have those Junk-flags added. Most people 
probably don't do that which is why Squirrelmail doesn't break with 

> I get them only for my INBOX and not for other folders like sent mail, 
> so the behaivour seems to depend on the content of the folder.

That's because the Junk flags get added only to INBOX by Thunderbird or 
Apple Mail.

> Is this behaviour expected?

Yep. I think Squirrelmail should be fixed. If this problem occurs for 
other IMAP clients too, I might add yet another workaround option to 
fix this.
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