[Dovecot] Re: PATCH: Dovecot SASL authentication for Postfix 2.3-20051220

Wietse Venema wietse at porcupine.org
Fri Dec 23 17:11:47 EET 2005

I'm adding the finishing touch to the Postfix Dovecot plug-in, to
be released with snapshot 20051223. The plug-in code quality is
generally very good.

I had two observations, both of minor importance:

- The authentication server protocol uses the TAB character as a
delimiter, so it is critical that legitimate user names don't
contain this character.  This is of course trivial to ensure with
the authentication server implementation, so I will not worry about

- I noticed that the plug-in did not satisfy one Postfix principle,
namely that operations be bounded in time. I added a time limit
for connect, read and write operations. Postfix will time-bound
all operations anyway, but the diagnostics of the watchdog timer
are less specific and therefore less useful.


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