[Dovecot] mailbox from ldap and indexes

Stian Jordet liste+dovecot at jordet.net
Wed Dec 21 13:53:31 EET 2005


because of quota, I would like to have indexes on another filesystem
then user's maildir. This I can do with "default_mail_env= maildir:/%
h/Maildir:INDEX=/var/indexes/%u" or something. But when I get the users
mailbox location from ldap, there is no way to set the index? I guess I
can make the ldap entry contain the INDEX as well, but I would like to
use the ldap entry in the exim conf as well, to tell exim where to write
the mails...

Is there a way I haven't thought of yet? I have this in
dovecot-ldap.conf now:

user_attrs = uid,homeDirectory,mailbox,uid,uidNumber,gidNumber

If I could do something like:

user_attrs = uid,..,"maildir:" . mailbox . ":INDEX=var/indexes/%u",...

that would have been awesome.

Best regards,

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