[Dovecot] Another "Too many files open" post

Jeroen Scheerder Jeroen.Scheerder at phil.uu.nl
Wed Dec 21 09:52:32 EET 2005

Remy Zandwijk wrote:
>>>> I'm running Solaris 9 Sparc with Dovecot alpha 5 and using maildir 
>>>> format..  I noticed in the log file the following error:
> We used to have this problem when we started using 1.0-stable. In the 
> startup script, I issue the plimit command:

Why not use a "unlimit" command instead, i.e.:

         if [ -x $EXEC -a -f $CONF ]; then
                 echo "Starting Dovecot..."
		# We need mo' files
                 ulimit -n 8192
		$EXEC -c $CONF
                 echo "Starting Dovecot failed."


I bumped into this too, with a limit of 64 (Solaris 7).  Raising it, using 
aforementioned method, to 1024 solved the problem for me.  Alpha5 is running 
smoothly, with outstanding performance.

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