[Dovecot] LDAP schema for mailLocation?

Brian T Glenn glenn-dovecot at delink.net
Tue Dec 20 15:56:34 EET 2005

On Fri, Dec 16, 2005 at 11:25:32AM -0600, Jason Pepas may have written:
> However, I have been unable to find any LDAP schema which contains 
> mailLocation.  What schema is this attribute part of?

I use dovecot with qmail-ldap. I have both shell and virtual users. Here 
is how I solved the problem:

uid is the username.
mailMessageStore is the location of the Maildir.
homeDirectory is the directory before the Maildir.

So for a shell user:

uid: shelluser
homeDirectory: /home/shelluser
mailMessageStore: /home/shelluser/Maildir/

For virtual:

uid: virtuser
homeDirectory: /home/vmail/virtuser
mailMessageStore: /home/vmail/virtuser/Maildir/

The I can use the regular home directory based definition for 

Brian T Glenn
delink.net Internet Services
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