[Dovecot] Auto-expunge

John Newman jnewman at orcon.net.nz
Mon Dec 19 22:57:55 EET 2005



For some time we've been intermittently experiencing a problem whereby
dovecot often automatically expunges "deleted" messages.  This has happened
across several mailboxes.  The problem is proving difficult to isolate as
it's seemingly non-deterministic in nature.  One commonality, however, is
that the "auto-expunge" seems to occur with greater frequency on mailboxes
with a larger of deleted messages.


First off, does this sound any alarm bells for anybody else?  Perhaps others
have encountered this in the past?  I've trolled the mailing list (and web)
but cannot find any references to this occurring elsewhere.


Additional Information:

We have experienced this "bug" in 1.0-alpha3 and alpha4.  Underlying dovecot
we have a maildir, populated via Perl's Mail::Box::Maildir module.


Many thanks for any assistance that can be offered.


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