[Dovecot] Compile failure (alpha 5, MySQL 5)

Jakob Hirsch jh at plonk.de
Mon Dec 19 17:12:11 EET 2005

Tom Sommer wrote:

> /usr/local/mysql/lib/libmysqlclient.a(sha1.o)(.text+0x50): In function
> `sha1_result':
> : multiple definition of `sha1_result'
> ../lib/liblib.a(sha1.o)(.text+0x820):/usr/local/src/dovecot-1.0.alpha5/src/lib/sha1.c:233:
> first defined here
> /usr/bin/ld: Warning: size of symbol `sha1_result' changed from 158 in
> ../lib/liblib.a(sha1.o) to 316 in
> /usr/local/mysql/lib/libmysqlclient.a(sha1.o)
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Dovecot's sha1_result function collides with mysql's. You could try
renaming all occurences of sha1_result in Dovecot's source files with
something else (like dovecot_sh1a_result).

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