[Dovecot] Slightly off topic ...

Michael Segel msegel at segel.com
Sat Dec 17 15:39:17 EET 2005

I'm a user of Dovecot and I really do like the product.

I view Dovecot as a successfull Opensource application/project.

I am curious about what makes an Opensource project successfull and why others 

Just a couple of questions, and perhaps since this is a little off topic, 
perhaps you can e-mail me your replies directly as to keep the noise to 
signal relationship low?

1) How many people are involved in making architecture/design decisions?
2) How many people are responsible for approving any code changes
3) How many people actually contribute at the code level?
3b) At the design level?
4) Which "open source" licensing strategies did you review and what were the 
deciding factors?

I realize that these are pretty generic questions. 

I'm thinking of adding to them and then polling a larger group of projects to 
see what results are returned.



PS. Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year!

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