[Dovecot] Authentication trouble.

Michael Peters michael.peters at lazarusalliance.com
Sat Dec 17 01:50:41 EET 2005

I am not having much luck with resolving my authentication issue. The 
environment is "SunOS 5.10 Generic_118822-11 sun4u sparc 

./configure --with-passwd --with-shadow --with-pam --with-checkpassword 
--with-mysql --with-storages=maildir

# telnet 143
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
* OK mailhub is for business purposes only. Usage is monitored.
A01 login username mypassword
* BAD [ALERT] Plaintext authentication is disabled, but your client sent 
password in plaintext anyway. If anyone was listening, the password was 
A01 NO Plaintext authentication disabled.
A04 Logout
* BYE Logging out
A04 OK Logout completed.
Connection to closed by foreign host.

*I have tried adding digest-md5 cram-md5 and shadow but Dovecot will not 
auth default {
  # Space separated list of wanted authentication mechanisms:
  #   plain digest-md5 cram-md5 apop anonymous gssapi
  mechanisms = plain

*Dovecot will not start when I tried these options. Maybe I am entering 
this wrong?*

passdb shadow { /etc/shadow
passdb passwd { /etc/passwd

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Best regards,


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