[Dovecot] LDAP schema for mailLocation?

Aiko Barz aiko at haeckser.de
Sat Dec 17 00:51:28 EET 2005

Jason Pepas wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to try implementing user specific default_mail_env's as described 
> here:
> http://wiki.dovecot.org/moin.cgi/MailLocation
> using the LDAP attribute 'mailLocation'.

I'm all ears.

> However, I have been unable to find any LDAP schema which contains 
> mailLocation.  What schema is this attribute part of?

Maybe, it is possible to put a different attribute-type in there, like
"mailMessageStore"? That would be compatible to qmail-ldap and courier.


Where can I address a feature-request? Adding proxy-support for ldap to
dovecot would make this nice piece of software very attractive to
qmail-ldap users. But I don't know if you want them around here. ;)

Aiko Barz <aiko at haeckser.de>
Web: http://www.haeckser.de
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