[Dovecot] Dovecot Version Numbers - Let's drop the Alpha?

Andy Cravens acravens at uen.org
Fri Dec 16 23:04:44 EET 2005

Just 30 minutes ago I converted my boss from our old UW IMAP server to 
alpha 5 running on a new Sun box.  I'm not going to tell him we're 
running on alpha code because he'd have a whole herd of cows.  I sure 
hope I don't regret this.

Marc Perkel wrote:

> I'm sure some of my customers would also freak if they knew I was 
> using "Alpha" code. Besides, who expects a 1.0 version to be perfect?
> Jeff A. Earickson wrote:
>> For political reasons, I would like to see alphaX promoted to "1.0".
>> My boss had a cow the other day when I told her we are running alpha
>> code in production.  My defense was "you hadn't noticed because it
>> works."  Or at least call alpha6 something like "beta1" instead.
>> Jeff Earickson
>> Colby College
>> On Fri, 16 Dec 2005, Marc Perkel wrote:
>>> Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 06:42:09 -0800
>>> From: Marc Perkel <marc at perkel.com>
>>> To: dovecot at dovecot.org
>>> Subject: [Dovecot] Dovecot Version Numbers - Let's drop the Alpha?
>>> I'd like to make a suggestion. Let's drop the Alpha and come out 
>>> with an official version 1.0.
>>> Here's my reasons. The 0.9x version are obsolete and people should 
>>> be using the 1.0 Alpha versions which seem to me to do everything 
>>> the previous versions did and more. It's as full featured and stable 
>>> as all other IMAP servers and in my opinion is ready to be called 1.0.
>>> The "Alpha" label scares people off and with the 0.9x version being 
>>> obsolete I think it creates confusion for new users. It created 
>>> confusion for me when I converted to dovecot, and distros are less 
>>> ,ikely to include versions with the Alpha label.
>>> Once you go to 1.0 you can start a 1.1 alpha series and finish it 
>>> up. I know Timo has high standards but as a marketing issue I think 
>>> that the Alpha label needs to go to get people to accept and use 1.0 
>>> in production.
>>> Thoughts?
>>> -- 
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