[Dovecot] strange connection NG

Václav Haisman V.Haisman at sh.cvut.cz
Fri Dec 16 02:58:35 EET 2005

Yi Xuan wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have a devocot server based on fedora core 3 in Japan.
> When my users are in Japan, there is no any problem reported.Devocot
> works very well.
> But when my users are in China, sometimes the following problem occured.
> Sometimes the user can not download mails, after that all connections
> attempt to server(e.g http/ssh) failed. the user has to close OutLook,
> and wait for about 10 minutes, then access the webmail to read mail.
> Maybe the POP NG is due to the network , but what is the possible reason
> of 10-minute other connection NG? Is there any solution?
> Because users in China share the same outside IP, when one user occures
> POP NG, all users occures server access NG, that is a big puzzle.
> Thanks in advance.
> Best regards,

A case of cenzorship?

Vaclav Haisman
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