[Dovecot] writing an MDA, help me avoid corrupted indexes

Lee Howard faxguy at howardsilvan.com
Thu Dec 15 17:03:37 EET 2005

Steffen Kaiser wrote:

> On Wed, 14 Dec 2005, Lee Howard wrote:
>> No, but I think that my indexing problem is that my self-made LDA/MDA 
>> is not following maildir spec in file naming and construction.  I'd 
>> prefer to use deliver if I could.
> Actually, the filenames are not to matter at all. The spec gives just 
> a convention to work-a-round concurrent write access and speed up mail 
> reading etc. 

The naming convention that I was using was this... 
sender_email:receiver_email:unix_time:pid:random_number.  So maybe 
something like:

  spammer at nohost.org:faxguy at howardsilvan.com:1134651499:8722:23976

I understand that the naming convention shouldn't matter.  In fact, 
mbox2mdir produces filenames outside the spec that don't cause 
problems.  However, for some reason the naming convention that I chose 
to use caused issues.



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