[Dovecot] Dovecot index cache regeneration

John Newman jnewman at orcon.net.nz
Thu Dec 15 03:01:19 EET 2005



We've been using dovecot in the lab now for quite a while and really like
the results we're seeing.  Underlying dovecot we're using maildir mailboxes.
We have the need to manually remove maildir files from time to time.  That
is, by hand (we'll, actually by script) but not via imap or pop.  Dues to
dovecot's index caching (which I might add, we love most of the time) imap
clients still continue to display the message once they're gone (as we'd
expect).  However, in this instance it's not what we're after.  So my
question is, what is the "dovecot recommended" way to force the index cache
to regenerate.  We really don't want to delete the entire index cache for a
particular mailbox as larger mailboxes will then need to unnecessarily
regenerate indices on unaffected messages.


Many thanks for any tips you can provide.


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