[Dovecot] Re: Outlook Express / Namespaces

Michael Surette msurette at laframboise.net
Tue Dec 13 23:43:39 EET 2005

Matthias Rieber wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm planning to switch from courier-imap to dovecot. Everythings seems
> fine. I adjust the namespaces to avoid client side changes.
> This works with Thunderbird, but Outlook Express seems to have problmes
> with the path "INBOX.", that I've configured in the client settings. I can
> remove that path, but the folders will be sorted under the inbox.
> Is there something that I've done wrong? I'm using dovecot 1.0alpha5
> matthias

No solution here, but I am probably having the same problem with 1.0alpha4.

I'm trying to switch to imap from pop3, so I set up dovecot on my 
Slackware 10.2 mailserver.  I'm very new to imap, so I figured my 
configuration was wrong.  If our symptoms are the same, maybe our setup 
errors are as well.

The problem... while Thunderbird and Outlook are OK, the Inbox doesn't 
show in Outlook Express.  You can click on the Imap Folders button, 
select the Inbox, click on the "Go To" button and the Inbox will appear 
until you shut down Outlook Express.  Next time you fire up OE, no 
Inbox.  Other than that, it all works as expected.  I haven't 
torture-tested the setup yet though, I wanted to set up one of each 
client and get the basics running before doing that.  Are your symptoms 

Here is my dovecot.conf less comments...

ssl_cert_file = /etc/mail/certs/wally.cert.pem
ssl_key_file = /etc/mail/certs/wally.key.pem
first_valid_gid = 100
mail_extra_groups = "mail"
namespace private {
   separator = /
   inbox = yes
   prefix = "#mbox/"
   location = mbox:/var/spool/mail/%u
namespace private {
   separator = /
   prefix =
   location = maildir:/data/imap/%u
protocol imap {
   imap_client_workarounds = outlook-idle
protocol pop3 {
auth_realms = "laframboise.net"
auth default {
   mechanisms = plain
   passdb shadow {
   userdb passwd {
   userdb prefetch {
   user = root

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