[Dovecot] writing an MDA, help me avoid corrupted indexes

Lee Howard faxguy at howardsilvan.com
Wed Dec 14 20:03:33 EET 2005

Curtis Maloney wrote:

> Have you checked out Dovecot's own LDA?

No, but I just did, and it looks like exactly what I need... except that 
it doesn't support passwd-file auth.  Or am I missing that?

The website documentation on this matter is noticeably outdated.

> Do you, by chance, have your mail partition mounted 'noatime'?

No, but I think that my indexing problem is that my self-made LDA/MDA is 
not following maildir spec in file naming and construction.  I'd prefer 
to use deliver if I could.

> As a further note, have you checked out the patches that allow Postfix 
> to use the Dovecot auth daemon, so you can have SMTP AUTH without 
> resorting to the horror that is Cyrus SASL? 

I'll look into this when it's time to get ASMTP going.



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