[Dovecot] Hi everyone .. need some pro-dovecot arguments :-)

Florian Schnabel florian.schnabel at docufy.de
Tue Dec 13 15:33:06 EET 2005

Michael Segel wrote:
> On Tuesday 13 December 2005 4:13 am, you wrote:
> Positive notes?
> Simplest one to set up. 
> Had the .9 release up and running same day.
> When I had to rebuild my main server, I switched to downloading the latest 
> release.
> The configuration was still pretty straight forward, while I'll admit the 
> documentation could be better. It assumes that you know more than you do. 
> However, having said that, Dovecot's documentation is better than the rest.
> The only quirk to Dovecot is that I'm using SSL and since I don't have 
> authenticated certificates, Microsoft's Outlook keeps asking me if I want to 
> continue to use them. Other mail clients don't bother me after the first 
> time.
> I'd recommend Dovecot over the others.
> But then again, I run a small organization so your mileage may be different.

i run a small mailserver here .. about 25 mail accounts only
one reason to use dovecot is to switch to maildir since mbox via imap is 
a pain in the ass when you got a couple hundred mails in one mbox file

currently its running via smarthost but i want to open pop3/ssl, 
imap/ssl and some secure smtp to the outside soon


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