[Dovecot] Corrupted index problem when disk quota exceeded

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Dec 11 11:42:46 EET 2005

On 11.12.2005, at 08:00, Sergey Redin wrote:

>   I should report yet another problem with dovecot index files. 
> Suppose we have
> a user with his filesystem disk quota exceeded. He logins via POP3 or 
> IMAP to
> remove some mail messages and fix this problem. When he logins for the 
> first time,
> everything works fine, and  he can read and remove something. But if 
> his disk
> quota is still exceeded when he logs out, he cannot login any more.

This isn't simple to fix, and I haven't even tried yet. May not happen 
before v1.0 release. A workaround would be to put index files into a 
partition with no quota limits.
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