[Dovecot] Re: [SM-DEVEL] Squirrelmail/dovecot sort problem/bug

Jonathan Angliss jon at squirrelmail.org
Sat Dec 10 21:53:27 EET 2005

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Hi A.P.Munnikes,
On Thursday, December 08, 2005 you wrote:
> Hello,

> there is a little bug in Squirrelmail 1.4.5 or Dovecot 1.0.alpha4-1:

> the sort is not correct if I use squirrelmail with the option:
> 10. Allow server thread sort    : true
> 11. Allow server-side sorting   : true

> with the option on false and with Thunderbird 1.5rc1 there is no
> problem, but I think Thunderbird 1.5rc1 already does the sort by itself.

> I have a folder with 1054 messages, but if I sort (from old to new) them
> in squirrelmail the newest 3 messages (received after the migration from
> thunderbird/pop3 to dovecot) are on the first page, before the messages
> from 5 month ago.

In addition to Tomas' suggestion, you might want to check Options,
then Display Preferences, then check the option for "Sort by Received
Date". If you have it set to "Yes" try changing it to "No" and see if
that helps. As you didn't elaborate as to /how/ you migrated from your
pop3 service to dovecot, or if you even changed anything in the back
end at all, there is a possibility that you are using the INTERNALDATE
of the emails. This date is the date the IMAP server identifies the
email by, which is not necessarily the same as the actual date of the
email itself if you copied it. ie, if you copy an email from one
location to another, and the email is dated say Dec 1st, 2000, the
internal date on the email in the new location would be the date/time
of the move.

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