[Dovecot] Re: Dovecot out of memory errors on Debian sid

Andreas Fuchs asf at boinkor.net
Sat Dec 10 15:10:17 EET 2005

On 2005-12-08, <ric at otte.ucsc.edu> wrote:
> hi

Hi there!

> I have dovecot (1.0.alpha4-1) installed on a Debian sid amd64 machine
> (dovecot-imapd and dovecot-common).  I am using this so that I can use both
> Mutt and something like Thunderbird to access my local Maildir folders.
> Sometimes it works fine.  Sometimes when I try to access my mailboxes locally
> using Mutt, it hangs for a very long time (the bottom of the screen says
> "Selecting in..." (.in is the mailbox), and eventually gives me a blank
> mailbox with "(no mailbox)" at the bottom of the screen.  In
> /var/log/mail.err I find lines like the following:
> Dec  3 06:39:02 localhost dovecot: child 4600 (imap) returned error 83 
> (Out of memory)
> Dec  3 06:44:03 localhost dovecot: imap(ric): pool_system_malloc(): Out 
> of memory
> For example, it was working fine earlier this morning, but now I am unable to
> access the mailboxes and I'm getting the error messages in /var/log/mail.err.

Timo committed a fix for an OOM failure on amd64 to CVS a few days
ago. I didn't get around to testing it, yet.

Andreas Fuchs, <asf at boinkor.net>, asf at jabber.at, antifuchs

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