[Dovecot] help! assertion failed in 1.0alpha4

Henrique Moniz hmoniz at di.fc.ul.pt
Fri Dec 9 17:29:44 EET 2005


I've been getting this bug in 1.0alpha4. It happens every time the user 
checks his Inbox. I'm using mbox btw. Can I get any hint on why this is 

Dec  9 09:08:39 lasige-serv dovecot: imap(pjsousa): file 
mail-index-sync-ext.c: line 155 (get_ext_header): assertion failed: 
(memcmp((char *)(ext_hdr + 1), ext->name, strlen(ext->name)) == 0)
Dec  9 09:08:39 lasige-serv dovecot: child 18309 (imap) killed with signal 6

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