[Dovecot] openssl > 0.9.f-4 a must for dovecot 0.99.14 ??

Adrian Mak makkaichung at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 03:13:33 EET 2005

My linux is Redhat AS3 U3, openssl is 0.9.7a-33
I downloaded dovecot 0.99.14 src rpm and rebuild to binary rpm
Everything went smooth but I tried to install the dovecot binary rpm, it
reported that
openssl need >= 0.9.7f-4

Since there are many other rpm packages have dependency on the current
version of openssl 0.9.7a-33, so
It's not possible to upgrade openssl to 0.9.7f-4 or greater

Is it a must to use openssl 0.9.7f-4 or greater in order to use dovecot
0.99.14 ?
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