[Dovecot] Order of emails

John and Catherine Allen allen at vo.lu
Sat Dec 10 01:34:52 EET 2005

Marcus Don wrote:
> Hi
> We have an issue regarding the order in which emails are displayed in an
> imap folder, which our customers regularly complain about. By default,
> emails are returned from a folder in the order in which they were placed
> into the folder, which makes perfect sense. However, if an email is moved
> into another folder, it will always appear at the top, no matter how old it
> is.
> We could order the emails ourselves before displaying them in our webmail
> program. However, this would mean parsing the headers of every single email,
> which could be many thousands, so would slow things down considerably and
> greatly increase load. At the moment, we only read 30 at a time as the user
> pages through the folder.
>>From what I can see, the order is determined by the timestamp in the email
> filename, which gets updated every time the email is moved. Is there any way
> we could disable this, so the filename (or at least the timestamp part of
> it) remains constant? If so, would this affect in any way the behaviour of
> other imap clients, such as Outlook?


Did you look at an earlier thread (around 19 November) with the subject "Sorting 
messages by date"?


John Allen
Bofferdange, Luxembourg
allen at vo.lu

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