[Dovecot] Re: corrupt attachments

Brian Thompson brian at eng.wayne.edu
Thu Dec 8 04:41:32 EET 2005

After my coworker and I realized what was happening,
it was pretty easy to reproduce. Both he and I were able
to verify by killing a few more attachments opening them
via our imap clients.

The reason I say 'was' is because I don't have another
system to play with at the moment that has both
Solaris 10/x86 and Dovecot installed.

You're correct, I should have said LFs. They didn't get
turned into CRLFs until I cut/pasted the base64 data
out of my imap client into Windows Notepad.


Timo Sirainen wrote:

>On Wed, 2005-12-07 at 06:36 -0500, Brian Thompson wrote:
>>At first I thought the last four characters of every line were
>>getting cut off, but it turns out that the characters I thought
>>were missing were pushed to the next line. It appears that
>>Dovecot is shifting the position of the CRLF by four characters
>>- not necessary a problem or related to the corruption issue.
>Do you really have CR+LF linefeeds, or did you mean just LFs? Dovecot
>isn't tested too well with CR+LFs.
>Can you easily reproduce this corruption?

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