[Dovecot] "pop before smtp" dovecot.conf

Jean-Marc Pigeon jmp at safe.ca
Wed Dec 7 20:41:02 EET 2005

Bonjour John Peacock,
> Jean-Marc Pigeon wrote:
> >	I would like to generate (on the fly) a list "popbeforesmtp"
> >	when dovecot POP/IMAP authentication succeed.
> You should really be using AUTH SMTP, which all modern mail clients and 
> SMTP servers support and which obviates the need for such hackery...
	I Fully Agree with you and it was my first reaction, but...
	Experience show 'simple' user are somewhat lost with 
	"yet another authentication configuration needed when you are
	sending E-mail from outside the relayed network"...
	popbeforesmtp give us some flexibility...


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