[Dovecot] "pop before smtp" dovecot.conf

Jean-Marc Pigeon jmp at safe.ca
Wed Dec 7 18:57:06 EET 2005

Bonjour a Tous,

	I would like to generate (on the fly) a list "popbeforesmtp"
	when dovecot POP/IMAP authentication succeed.
	Intended Format will/should be such as:
	'timestamp_in_second' user_id remote_ip
	one user per line.
	My guess we have all the needed information within dovecot
	to make such list.
	But I have seen no way to 'trick' dovecot (dovecot-1.0.alpha3)
	to do it...

	Could someone on the list able to give me some advices?

	I know there is Perl script to scan maillog file and 
	extract information from collected data, but this
	seem to me 'a kind of the very last option'....
	May be the trick can be achieved using 'executable' function?

	Ideally I'll like to have an entry in dovecot.conf, like...


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