[Dovecot] Bugtracking system

Dan Hollis test3943395 at anime.net
Wed Dec 7 00:00:59 EET 2005

i guess we will have to agree to disagree seth. i've been using both 
mantis and bugzilla for about as long as both have existed, and i simply 
find bugzilla very cumbersome to use -- and i'm not the only one with this 
opinion of bugzilla. it is very common. surely it's not some huge secret
conspiracy by the illuminati to defame bugzilla... is it? :)

i find mantis' interface streamlined in comparison, especially when 
juggling lots of bugs simultaneously. to you it's objections about 
eyecandy. well, you can edit mantis' css to make it equally an eyesore as 
bugzilla -- but why?

to me it's about efficiency and usability.

as for security issues -- both bugzilla and mantis have had
vulnerabilities. bugzilla is not an automatic win simply because it's not 


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