[Dovecot] Tools to analyze status/stats?

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Dec 6 19:55:18 EET 2005

On Tue, 2005-12-06 at 08:02 -0500, Stewart Dean wrote:
> Much of my aggravations with user use/misuse/stupidity traces back to 
> this simple fact: there is rarely any feedback mechanism in server apps 
> to indicate to the user the loads their practices cause.  It is as if 
> they were driving a car without a gas gauge, if they had bodies that 
> didn't feel pain.
> /I/ wish that there was some metric that could tell a user the composite 
> CPU and memory loads their mail usage represents.

Hmm. I'm not sure if such loads can be told to use in any easy way. But
I've been thinking about having a plugin that could tell admin what's
happening in the computer. What imap/pop3 processes are using all the
disk I/O, memory and CPU and what exactly they're doing, and if there
are some special conditions (eg. broken indexes causing the load, etc).

Most of this could hopefully be done with a plugin that just hooks into
several places and sends the information via IPC to some admin server.

> Of course, I'd also 
> want the in-the-plans quota representation so that there is storage 
> feedback as well.  Will it work with the Berkely quota?

What's Berkeley quota?

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