[Dovecot] %d empty even though username has @domain

William Ross will at spanner.org
Mon Dec 5 15:03:39 EET 2005


Sorry to jump straight in with a question, but I've searched the  
archive[0] and I'm pretty sure the answer's not there.

I'm using dovecot to replace courier imap, so authentication is by  
vpopmail and the Maildirs are stored in the usual domains/domain/user/ 
Maildir. Everything seems to work very well, and setting it up has  
been easy, so thank you very much for that.

I have only one problem left: %d is empty when interpolated into  
default_mail_env. I expect there's something obvious I'm doing wrong,  
but it's hard to tell because the wiki isn't always up to date (i'd  
be happy to update the vpopmail sections once this is working):

Config has this [1]:

	default_mail_env = maildir:/home/vpopmail/domains/%d/%n/Maildir

and i log in over imaps with the account i'm using for testing:
	username: sysadmin at spanner.org
	password: ...

Authentication seems to work perfectly, but then the logs show:

dovecot: Dec 05 12:24:59 Info: imap(sysadmin): maildir: root=/home/ 
vpopmail/domains//sysadmin/Maildir, index=/home/vpopmail/domains// 
sysadmin/Maildir, control=, inbox=

any suggestions, please?

thank you,


[0] This has come up before: http://dovecot.org/list/dovecot/2005- 

[1] the rest of dovecot.conf, less comments:

base_dir = /var/run/dovecot
protocols = imaps
log_path = /var/log/dovecot
mail_debug = yes

protocol imap {
protocol pop3 {

auth_verbose = yes
auth default {
	mechanisms = plain
	passdb vpopmail {
	args =
	userdb vpopmail {
	userdb prefetch {
	user = root

namespace private {
	separator = .
	prefix = INBOX.
	inbox = yes

default_mail_env = maildir:/home/vpopmail/domains/%d/%n/Maildir
pop3_uidl_format = %v-%u
ssl_cert_file = /usr/local/ssl/certs/dovecot.pem
ssl_key_file = /usr/local/ssl/private/dovecot.pem

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