[Dovecot] Silly newbie questions...

Andy Cravens acravens at uen.org
Sat Dec 3 07:38:22 EET 2005

I should have added that it matters in postfix

On 12/2/2005, "Timo Sirainen" <tss at iki.fi> wrote:

>On 17.11.2005, at 23:59, Andy Cravens wrote:
>> Just a note... when you setup dovecot and postfix make sure you don't
>> forget the trailing slash when you define the mail dir.  For example,
>> I store user mail in ~/mail/
>> The full path is /export/home/<username>/mail/
>> I forgot a trailing slash on each of these (newbie mistake) and I
>> wasted a day of troubleshooting.
>That shouldn't make any difference, as Dovecot internally removes the
>trailing slash anyway.. I'd guess something else changed at the same
>time you added the slash

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