[Dovecot] corrupt attachments

Brian Thompson brian at eng.wayne.edu
Fri Dec 2 23:41:36 EET 2005

Not sure if this has already been covered, but any pointers
or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

We just realized last night that dovecot-stable seems to be
corrupting the attachments within users' inboxes.

In an attempt to resolve the problem, we upgraded the
mail server here to Dovecot 1.0alpha4 but it didn't help.

To the best of our knowledge we didn't start experiencing
this phenomena until we migrated from Solaris 8/Sparc
to Solaris 10/x86 about 3 weeks ago.

To be more specific:
A non-corrupt attachment can be sitting within a user's
mail spool (mbox format) and live there without a problem
until an imap client goes to download the attachment via

At that time, dovecot seems to be stripping the last four
characters from each base64 encoded ascii line within the
attachment and rewriting the message within the mail spool
without those characters. From then on, the attachment is
permanently corrupt, even via local unix direct file access
clients such as pine or elm.

We've temporarily switched back to UW imapd, but users
have noticed the decrease in speed - not having the indexing

Again, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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