[Dovecot] Unused SQL API

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Dec 2 12:42:10 EET 2005

On 28.11.2005, at 22:47, Curtis Maloney wrote:

> 	However, the one part of the driver that's given me pause has turned 
> out to most likely be unnecessary.  Whilst I was trying to work out 
> how to deal with the sql_result->get_values() call without leaking 
> memory, it seemed an odd method to have along side the other calls.
> 	So I decided to look for where it was used, to try to understand.
> 	Only, it isn't.  The _only_ point I can find in the sources that 
> calls that method is in the Postgress SQL driver.

Probably I thought it was useful but never actually used it. Maybe it 
will be some day :)

Anyway, you can already see how driver-pgsql.c handles it. The memory 
is freed when the next row is fetched, or when a new query is sent or 
the whole driver is deinitialized.
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