[Dovecot] problems with eudora

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Dec 8 22:59:26 EET 2004

On 8.12.2004, at 04:42, Enrique Pedraza wrote:

> Hi everyone, i just installed dovecot in Fedora Core release 1 
> (Yarrow). When accessing from a eudora 6.1 client, first it gave ssl 
> authentication problems. I fixed disabling them in eudora, but now it 
> authenticates ok and then it says that there is no inbox for that 
> user. Any idea?

Is this with POP3 or IMAP? And is it just with Eudora? Sounds like for 
that user Dovecot doesn't find the inbox. You'll probably have to 
change default_mail_env.
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