[Dovecot] 0.99.12 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Dec 5 05:27:11 EET 2004

One change since -rc1 (the last one below).

	- Fix memory leaks in LDAP, MySQL and PGSQL userdb/passdb
	- Fix hanging when parsing mails that have over 4096 bytes in one
	  line (SMTP servers normally don't allow over 1000 bytes so it
	  shouldn't be much of a problem)
	- FETCH BODYSTRUCTURE sometimes gave a wrong reply
	  (eg. with FETCH (BODYSTRUCTURE RFC822.SIZE) if it wasn't cached)
	- Never return more than one INBOX in LIST even if there are such
	  files. They don't work anyway and it just confuses clients.
	- mbox: Don't allow creating INBOX directory by creating/renaming
	  mailboxes under it. They just wouldn't work.
	- POP3: Don't return PLAIN in SASL list. We don't support initial SASL
	  responses, so it only breaks with most clients that try to use it.
	- IMAP and POP3 login processes may have sent each line in two IP
	  packets, one with the data and another with CR+LF. Some clients
	  didn't work because of this.
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