[Dovecot] Newbie about Mbox or Maildir

alan premselaar alien at 12inch.com
Tue Aug 10 09:43:40 EEST 2004

Zoong Pham wrote:

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>>Thanks in advance. I am not sure if my system is setup to use
>>'mbox' or
>>'maildir'. How do I find this out?
>>I am running an OpenBSD (v3.5) box with an Intel P3
>>motherboard. I have
>>installed the OpenBSD port of Dovecot (0.99.10) and have
>>manually started
>>dovecot and configured the ssl certificates as per the
>>documentation. As
>>far as I can tell there is no problems but I am confused
>>about 'mbox' and
> It's mbox.
> The default MTA of OpenBSD is Sendmail.

More specifically, this is related to your local delivery agent (LDA). 
Although I'm not extremely familiar with default OpenBSD installations, 
it's been typical for default RedHat installations (up to and including 
RH 9) to have sendmail installed and configured to use procmail for its LDA.

while recent versions of procmail can support maildir format, it 
defaults to using mbox format.


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