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Kartik Vaidyanathan kar11 at rediffmail.com
Sun Apr 18 10:14:36 EEST 2004

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Your mail was very insightful.

You have stated in you mail as follows ..

"But I think they create virtual users in database systems for email, I can't imagine all of the users they have are in one passwd file on one tiny machine."

a. What do you mean by virtual users. 
b. How does one link them to a mailbox.

Very frankly i am confused...

1.Well lets say i have a user who wants to create a new group say GROUP1.Lets say i have users who want to create GROUP1 at pigeonhole.com or GROUP2 at pigeonhole.com .This group name will be entered in my JSP page, now what do i have to do to create the group.

2.How do i see to that anyone who sends a mail to GROUP2 at pigeonhole receives it in it mailbox( Firstly does the group have a mails box in the groups name).Will one create a account(mailbox) for the group or how is it done.

3.Lastly I actually want to create a mailing List manager.

Please advice on how to go about it.


On Sun, 18 Apr 2004 Wouter Van Hemel wrote :
>On Fri, 16 Apr 2004, Kartik Vaidyanathan wrote:
> >  Hi,
> >
> > I have actually configured dovecot because i required a mail server in
> > order to build a mailing list manager.A mail list manager is something
> > in the likes of yahoogroups, where each group in my case must have a
> > mailbox.
> >
>You need a MTA, such as postfix, qmail, sendmail, exim, etc. It's more
>important than an imap server for what you want to do.
>Actually, I don't really understand why you need an imap server when
>making a mailinglist manager.
> > 1. I am using Debian OS.
> > The software that i am creating , which is going developed in JSP, will
> > take a new users name and password and create a account for him by
> > executing a shell script in my linux machine.I assume yahoo also does
> > something similar to this to create new mail boxes for any new
> > user.Please correct me if i am wrong.
> >
>I don't know, I don't work at yahoo. But I think they create virtual users
>in database systems for email, I can't imagine all of the users they have
>are in one passwd file on one tiny machine.
> > In fact this very mail that i have received from you is because i have
> > subscribed to the dovecott mailing list. How do you think dovecott has
> > been able to accomplish this. Is it not because that dovecott has a
> > mailbox in the group name "dovecott" in some system, that internally
> > does the sending of mails to all those in the groups refering to some
> > database.
> >
>Dovecot doesn't have anything to do with that. It's mostly the MTA, aided
>by the mailing list manager.
>Here's how majordomo (popular mailinglist manager) works:
>Bob wants to subscribe to the pigeonhole mailinglist. He emails or enters
>his email address in a web form so it ends up in a database file with all
>the other users on that list. The mailinglist manager's job is to take
>care of adding (or removing) email addresses to (from) that file; it adds
>Bob's address.
>When an email is sent to pigeonhole at pigeonhole.org, the mailer daemon
>(MTA) receives this email, and instead of delivering it to a local user,
>either it (1) delivers it to a pipe - it passes the email to the
>mailinglist software, which then just generates an email that replaces the
>original destination with the list of email addresses; or (2) the mailer
>daemon itself forwards the email by alias expansion to the list of email
>addresses the mailinglist software made.
>In the former case, the mailinglist manager reads the original message and
>replaces the address with all those in the list's database; in the latter
>case, basically the only thing a mailinglist manager does, is taking care
>of an error-free database file with email addresses so the MTA can forward
>the email to the addresses in this file.
>Because Bob's email address is in this file, his address will be inserted
>in the headers of the message, and he will receive the email.
> > 2.Will the mail server support me in anyway by giving me some
> > functionality to add users, thereby creating maildir's (imap) for the
> > users.
> >
>No, adding users is not the job of a mail server daemon. Or of an imap
>server. Usually, you don't allow people to add users to your system, for
>obvious reasons.
>If you want to add users to a mailing list, you don't need accounts for
>those users, only when you also want to provide them with an email address.
>What do you want to do: provide email addresses, or a mailinglist manager?
> > 3.Dont I need to know the admin login and passwd, to create users?
> >
>Yes, ofcourse. Unless your users are in a database server, in that case
>you need the ability to add records to that database.
>(Shared webhosting accounts usually allow adding virtual users, if that's
>the reasoning behind your question.)
> > 3.Lastly i know this is not that prevalent a question -> I was told mail
> > man does a similar job as to what my software will do.Do you know how
> > mailman works (or even yahoogroups)?.
> >
>Not precisely, but pretty much like I said above. You can check out the
>documentation and source code of said software.
>Yahoogroups probably uses custom written software, but still based on the
>simple approach of a mailinglist manager taking care of a list of
>subscribers, and the mailer daemon either itself or by aid of an external
>program multiplicating the recipients.
>A mailinglist manager has nothing to do with Dovecot. Dovecot has nothing
>to do with *sending* email, only with retrieving it from a system with
>IMAP of POP. It's the end-of-the-line for emails, delivery to final
>destination; it does not forward or duplicate.
> > Please enlighten me on the above issues.
> > Thanks a lot for you time.
> >
>I'll send you the bill later. ;)
> > Regards
> > Kartik
> >
> >
> >
> >

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