[Dovecot-news] Released Pigeonhole v0.4.21 for Dovecot v2.2.33.1.

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Fri Oct 13 00:10:06 EEST 2017

Hello Dovecot users,

Here's the definitive 0.4.21 release. There were no changes since the
release candidate.

Changelog v0.4.21:

* redirect action: Always set the X-Sieve-Redirected-From header to
  sieve_user_email if configured. Before, it would use the envelope
  recipient instead if available, which makes no sense if the primary
  e-mail address is available.
+ vacation extension: Allow ignoring the envelope sender while composing
  the "To:" header for the reply. Normally, the "To:" header is composed
  from the address found in the "Sender", "Resent-From" or "From"
  headers that is equal to the envelope sender. If none is then found,
  the bare envelope sender is used. This change adds a new setting
  "sieve_vacation_to_header_ignore_envelope". With this setting enabled,
  the "To:" header is always composed from those headers in the source
  message. The new setting thus allows ignoring the envelope, which is
  useful e.g. when SRS is used.
+ vacation extension: Compose the "To:" header from the full sender
  address found in the first "Sender:", "From:" or "Resent-From:"
  header. Before, it would create a "To:" header without a phrase part.
  The new behavior is nicer, since the reply will be addressed to the
  sender by name if possible.
- LDA Sieve plugin: Fixed sequential execution of LDAP-based scripts. A
  missing LDAP-based script could cause the script sequence to exit
- sieve-filter: Removed the (now) duplicate utf8 to mutf7 mailbox name
  conversion. This caused problems with mailbox names containing UTF-8
  characters. The Dovecot API was changed years ago, but apparently
  sieve-filter was never updated.

The release is available as follows:


Refer to http://pigeonhole.dovecot.org and the Dovecot v2.x wiki for
more information. Have fun testing this release and don't hesitate to
notify me when there are any problems.


Stephan Bosch
stephan at rename-it.nl

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