[Dovecot-news] v2.2.5 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Aug 5 23:03:38 EEST 2013


So, I'm back from the first vacation I've had in about 10 years. (Well, maybe there were a few short ones.) I was planning on coding it the whole time, but looks like I didn't manage to get anything at all done. Maybe that's a good vacation?.. Anyway, I've still a few more pending things to look into, but it's been too long since v2.2.4 so here are the fixes so far.

        + SSL: Added support for ECDH/ECDHE cipher suites (by David Hicks)
        + Added some missing man pages (by Pascal Volk)
        + quota-status: Added quota_status_toolarge setting (by Ulrich Zehl)
        - director: Users near expiration could have been redirected to
          different servers at the same time.
        - pop3: Avoid assert-crash if client disconnects during LIST.
        - mdbox: Corrupted index header still wasn't automatically fixed.
        - dsync: Various fixes to work better with imapc and pop3c storages.
        - ldap: sasl_bind=yes caused crashes, because Dovecot's lib-sasl
          symbols conflicted with Cyrus SASL library.
        - imap: Various error handling fixes to CATENATE. (Found using
          Apple's stress test script.)

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