[Dovecot-news] v2.0.13 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed May 11 18:52:21 EEST 2011


I've almost managed to read my email backlog, but there are still some
unanswered mails. Feel free to resend if you think I should have
answered some of your mails.

The most important changes since v2.0.12:

	+ Added "doveadm index" command to add unindexed messages into
	  index/cache. If full text search is enabled, it also adds unindexed
	  messages to the fts database.
	+ added "doveadm director dump" command.
	+ pop3: Added support for showing messages in "POP3 order", which can 
	  be different from IMAP message order. This can be useful for
	  migrations from other servers. Implemented it for Maildir as 'O'
	  field in dovecot-uidlist.
	- doveconf: Fixed a wrong "subsection has ssl=yes" warning.
	- mdbox purge: Fixed wrong warning about corrupted extrefs.
	- sdbox: INBOX GUID changed when INBOX was autocreated, leading to
	  trouble with dsync.
	- script-login binary wasn't actually dropping privileges to the
	  user/group/chroot specified by its service settings.
	- Fixed potential crashes and other problems when parsing header names
	  that contained NUL characters.

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