[Dovecot-news] v2.0.10 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Mar 4 21:10:13 EET 2011


I thought it was finally time to make a new v2.0 release. Or probably it
was a while ago already, but I've been a bit lazy this year. Maybe it's
because this is the first time in last 5 years when all branches of
Dovecot have been quite stable and I haven't been stressing on it. Of
course there are some v2.0 features that still have some bugs, but few
people are complaining about them.

v2.1 development branch also appears to be pretty good shape. I'm
hopeful that v2.1.rc1 will be out before summer.

	* LMTP: For user+detail at domain deliveries, the +detail is again written
	  to Delivered-To: header.
	* Skip auth penalty checks from IPs in login_trusted_networks.

	+ Added import_environment setting.
	+ Added submission_host setting to send mails via SMTP instead of
	  via sendmail binary.
	+ Added doveadm acl get/set/delete commands for ACL manipulation,
	  similar to how IMAP ACL extension works.
	+ Added doveadm acl debug command to help debug and fix problems
	  with why shared mailboxes aren't working as expected.
	- IMAP: Fixed hangs with COMPRESS extension
	- IMAP: Fixed a hang when trying to COPY to a nonexistent mailbox. 
	- IMAP: Fixed hang/crash with SEARCHRES + pipelining $.
	- IMAP: Fixed assert-crash if IDLE+DONE is sent in same TCP packet. 
	- LMTP: Fixed sending multiple messages in a session.
	- doveadm: Fixed giving parameters to mail commands. 
	- doveadm import: Settings weren't correctly used for the
	  import storage.
	- dsync: Fixed somewhat random failures with saving messages to
	  remote dsync.
	- v2.0.9: Config reload didn't notify running processes with
	  shutdown_clients=no, so they could have kept serving new clients
	  with old settings.

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