[Dovecot-news] v2.0.6 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Oct 21 21:14:05 EEST 2010


	* Pre-login CAPABILITY includes IDLE again. Mainly to make Blackberry
	  servers happy.
	* auth: auth_cache_negative_ttl default was 0 in earlier v2.0.x, but it
	  was supposed to be 1 hour as in v1.x. Changed it back to 1h.
	  If you want it disabled, make sure doveconf shows it as 0.

	+ dbox: Added support for saving mail attachments to external files,
	  with also support for single instance storage. This feature hasn't
	  had much testing yet, so be careful with it.
	+ doveadm: Added import command for importing mails from other storages.
	+ Reduced NFS I/O operations for index file accesses
	+ dbox, Maildir: When copying messages, copy also already cached fields
	  from dovecot.index.cache
	+ mdbox: Added mdbox_preallocate_space setting (Linux+ext3/XFS only)
	- Maildir: LDA/LMTP assert-crashed sometimes when saving a mail.
	- Fixed leaking fds when writing to dovecot.mailbox.log.
	- Fixed rare dovecot.index.cache corruption
	- IMAP: SEARCH YOUNGER/OLDER wasn't working correctly

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