[Dovecot-news] v2.0.0 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Mon Aug 16 17:49:00 EEST 2010


As promised last Friday, here's the v2.0.0 release finally. I'm
cautiously optimistic that v2.0.1 won't (have to) be released for a few
weeks, since there was quite a lot of testing and fixing going on in the
RC stage.

Remember to read http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Upgrading/2.0 before upgrading
from v1.x. Although there is automatic config conversion, it can't
handle everything, so reserve some extra time for upgrading. If you find
an upgrade problem that isn't listed on the wiki page, please add it
there or email Dovecot mailing list about it.

Pigeonhole Sieve and ManageSieve support can now be installed without
patching Dovecot. Unfortunately there isn't a Pigeonhole release yet for
v2.0, but its Mercurial code tree should be quite stable. See

There are no changes since v2.0.rc6. The largest changes since v1.2 are:

	* Dovecot uses two system users for internal purposes now by default:
	  dovenull and dovecot. You need to create the dovenull user or change
	  default_login_user setting.
	* Global ACLs are now looked up using namespace prefixes. For example
	  if you previously had INBOX. namespace prefix and a global ACL for
	  "INBOX.Sent", it's now looked up from "INBOX.Sent" file instead of
	  "Sent" as before.
	* Maildir: File permissions are no longer based on dovecot-shared file,
	  but the mailbox directory.

	+ Redesigned master process. It's now more modular and there is less
	  code running as root.
	+ Configuration supports now per-local/remote ip/network settings.
	+ dsync utility does a two-way mailbox synchronization.
	+ LMTP server and proxying.
	+ Added mdbox (multi-dbox) mail storage backend.
	+ doveadm utility can be used to do all kinds of administration
	  functions. Old dovecotpw and *view utilities now exist in its
	+ imap and pop3 processes can now handle multiple connections.
	+ IMAP: COMPRESS=DEFLATE is supported by imap_zlib plugin
	+ director service helps NFS installations to redirect users always
	  to same server to avoid corruption

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