[Dovecot-news] v2.0.rc4 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Aug 4 22:35:30 EEST 2010


I'm planning to release rc5 maybe this Friday or weekend, and if there
are no serious bugs just change the version number to v2.0.0 a day or
two later.

Largest changes since rc3:

	+ director: Added director_doveadm_port for accepting doveadm
	  TCP connections. 
	+ doveadm: Added client/server architecture support for running mail
	  commands. Enable this by setting doveadm_worker_count to non-zero.
	+ mail-log: Added support for mailbox_create event.
	+ imap_capability = +XFOO BAR can be used to add capabilities instead
	  of replacing the whole capability string.
	+ virtual storage: Added support for IDLE notifications. 
	- doveadm mailbox status: Fixed listing non-ASCII mailbox names. 
	- doveadm fetch: Fixed output when fetching message header or body
	- doveadm director map/add/remove: Fixed handling IP address as
	- dsync: A few more fixes

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