[Dovecot-news] v1.1.12 and v1.2.beta2 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sat Mar 14 01:01:26 EET 2009



I thought I'd do a double-release since it's Friday the 13th. v1.2.0 is
getting closer, mainly some ACL fixes left.

Changes in v1.2.beta2 since beta1:

 * Authentication userdb: Renamed system_user to system_groups_user.
Probably pretty much no one used this feature.
 * deliver no longer creates temp files to /tmp. They're instead created
to the users' mailbox directories.

 - IMAP: Fixed SORT command crashing
 - POP3 was broken in beta1
 - Fixes to virtual mailboxes
 - Fixes to IMAP ACL support

Changes in both v1.1.12 and v1.2.beta2:

	* Added :MAILBOXDIR= to mail_location to specify the root dir for
	  mailboxes. dbox users should migrate to ":MAILBOXDIR=mailboxes",
	  because that's going to be the default in v1.2+.

	+ Linux: Adding -D parameter to login_executable makes login processes
	  dump core to login_dir if they crash.
	- IMAP: SELECT didn't always return first unseen message in reply
	- POP3: pop3_lock_session=yes didn't use mail_privileged_group while
	- mbox: Don't crash if >=8192 bytes long line begins with "From ".
	- Maildir: More fixes to handling over 26 keywords.
	- Several logging fixes and improvements
	- Fixed authentication caching with non-plaintext mechanisms when
	  using a blocking passdb (e.g. MySQL)
	- Fixed DIGEST-MD5 authentication with user at domain style usernames.

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